organic . small batch . fire roasted

A vision

UnRest was founded by Micah Beaulieu, a Maine native, who has always been attracted to the native woods where he is from. 

Tired of the same old coffee roasts, Micah set out to do something a little different in the coffee world. He traveled around the state sourcing wood for specific blends for his roasts. You won't find your typical Dark, Blonde or Breakfast blends here. Instead, UnRest has created new blends that are named after the source where the wood was found across the state. 

Having a knack for engineering, Micah designed and built his own roaster and continues to build larger, more efficient models!


Organic beans

Using only the BEST beans, UnRest prides themselves in sourcing high quality coffee beans. 



With wood sourced from around the state of Maine, all UnRest beans are fire-roasted outdoors. 

unique taste

The blends for UnRest have a unique quality to them: an earthy, smokey quality that isn't too overbearing. 


New blends are being developed all the time at UnRest. One of the newest blends includes locally harvested Chaga. Chaga is a very special medicinal mushroom that is gaining popularity in the west for its health benefits. You will never find a synthetic flavor used in any of the roasts produced at UnRest. It is very important to the company to source everything locally when possible and use only the most natural ingredients. This provides the consumer with only the highest quality blends available. 

All our blends are roasted in small batches, wood fired with wood sourced from around the state of Maine! Our roaster is portable which allows us to travel the state, roasting coffee from the woods of Blue Hill, to the coast of Deer Isle. 



UPcoming Break

Spring 2017

We are announcing a break from roasting because we are very happy to be expecting a baby in our family in just a few months! We are taking this time to get into baby mode, so many things to get ready. We hope to start roasting this upcoming summer but are planning on focusing on this new addition to our family first and foremost. Thank you to all our customers, it is ben our pleasure to roast for you all and we hope to roast for you again! 


-Micah Beaulieu

Photo of Micah and his wife in Deer Isle, Maine. Photo by Wylde Photography

Photo of Micah and his wife in Deer Isle, Maine. Photo by Wylde Photography