About Unrest Coffee

Portable roaster, Blue Hill Maine.

Portable roaster, Blue Hill Maine.

Downeast Magazine's Best Of Coffee Roaster 2016.

Downeast Magazine's Best Of Coffee Roaster 2016.

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Unrest was looking for something different, something unique and fire roasting the beans gave us exactly what we were looking for.

 We have always loved coffee but we were tired of the same old blends and roasts and wanted to try something different, something unique. We starting testing out roasting and actually roasted the very first batch of Unrest Coffee in a wood stove. That first batch, though it needed a lot of work, was the beginning of an idea, of that unique taste we were looking for. 

Roasting beans by wood fire required a special roaster which we designed and built by hand.  We recently finished building our largest roaster so far for Unrest Coffee increasing our roasting capacity by roughly 75%.  Beans are truly roasted in small batches of around 15lbs at a time which allows us to truly focus all attention on each batch, making sure it is perfect every time.

In 2016, Unrest Coffee was awarded with DownEast Magazine's BEST OF award for the best coffee roaster in the state of Maine.

The Team


Micah Beaulieu - Founder and roaster

Micah is a Maine native and loves most everything that deals with coffee, the great outdoors and being a dad. When he is not roasting coffee, he enjoys fishing with his 8 year old son, Austin or reading books and dancing with his daughter, London, who is 15 months old. Micah roasts the beans for Unrest right at his home in Hampden, Maine.


Brian Keezer - Director of Sales and Marketing

Brian recently joined forces with Unrest Coffee and is in charge of all those online sales and new sales coming in. He lives in Hampden with his family and in his spare time, he is a musician and Pastor at Journey Church, located in Hampden as well!